Welcome to MagicRef, a convenient alternative to traditional MTG score-keeping. Throw out your pen and paper, open a web browser, and start playing! By clearly displaying life totals and accurately calculating changes, MagicRef reduces confusion and repudiation commonly caused by other score-keeping methods.

MagicRef features:

  • Lightweight and W3C-compliant pages
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Optional player randomizer
  • Optional turn tracker
  • Optional dice rollers
  • Optional play-by-play game transcript
  • One-click rematches
  • Player and game history
  • Win-Loss records for all players
  • Leaderboards for player and game stats
  • Basic player profiles

MagicRef is developed by a non-developer in his spare time. Additional features are planned for future releases.

Coming soon:

  • Advanced player profiles
  • Rated and unrated games
  • Support for team games
  • Support for multiple win/lose conditions
  • Support for multiple game types
  • Tournament support